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Best 5 Lubricants for a Wet Fantasy 2021

            Most people sometimes experience unpleasant sex because things don’t get wet enough. If things get dry during sex, it isn’t much fun- it’s harsh and painful. One of the first things that happen when a woman becomes aroused is that she becomes “wet.” This wetness is a result of natural lubricant produced by the vagina to assist in lovemaking, but this lubricant doesn’t stay all through the long run of the in and out motion of sexual fantasies. Due to this, personal lubricants are needed for a desirable wet dream. A lubricant is any substance that helps reduce friction. Personal fats contain different ingredients, but the idea is the same — they’re used to reduce friction and make sex or masturbation more accessible and more enjoyable. Best 5 Lubricants 2021 will prove their power.

             Using lubricants is an easy way to maximize your pleasure during sex. They can make sexual activity more slippery, sensual, pleasurable, and fun, so it is essential to use them when exploring the world of sex toys, trying to add a little twist to your sex routine, or as a quick remedy for vaginal dryness. Lube is applied to the penis, vagina, anus, or sex toys to ease penetration. It can be not very clear, given all the brands out there. Hence the best thing to do in choosing personal lube is to base them on the type of sex you are into. In this article, we have listed the best lubricants that can be used for pleasurable sexual experiences and sensual wet fantasies.

Vaginal Lubes

            These are lubricants used to accompany the natural release of women during sexual arousal. Vaginal sex is the most common form of sex, and most people don’t bother to use any lube during vaginal sex, but it’s pleasant to know that a water base lube will rescue you from a lot of misshapen like vaginal irritation, vaginal dryness, sensitive skin and many more. It is soft and quickly used up during sex. More so, it is easy to clean.

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Anal Lubes

        Anal sex is considered one of the most complex forms of intercourse. The anus doesn’t contain any lubricant; it’s more on the dry side. If yoSupposewant the most pleasurable anal fantasy, it’s best to use silicon-based lube. Unlike a water base lube, a silicone-based lube has more texture (i.e., it is thick). It doesn’t dry up as quickly as water base lube. So for long-lasting and safe anal sex, silicone based lube is the perfect choice.


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Oral Lubricants

          Oral lube is used for oral sex, which involves sucking the sex genitals. Blowjob and Heading is a typical examples of oral sex. Suppose anyone is anticipating to have oral sex but not enjoy it that much the way it’s expected t; flavoredd lube will make it an interesting one. There are various flavors to soothe your senses, and it will give you much enjoyment that you will not be able to take your mouth out of it anymore.


Sex Toys Lubricants

           Sex toys are significant collections for enjoying sexual fantasies with partners. A large number of couples love sex toys while having sex. It’s more pleasurable when used with Lubricants-this allows smooth and painless pleasure, buts it is essential to note that most of the toys are made of silicone. So it’s better to avoid silicone-based lube. Water-based lube or any other type of lube will be suitable, depending on your desire.


Body Lubricants (Massage Lubes)

          Massage is a vital aspect of foreplay before sex to awaken every cell in the body, thereby getting them ready for sex. A Many couples love to have some massage before, after, or while having sex with a a partner. Massage is best done with oil-based lube. This softens the skin and also smoothens the touch during a massage.



           Remember that since you are going to apply the lubricant to the most sensitive parts of your body, it is essential that you choose one that is not harsh on your skin and that will stay slippery for as long as you need it to.

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