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Bliss Bear Female Enhancement Gummy Bears 1 Package 6 Piece. Bliss Bear Female Enhancement Gummies are a delicious, easy, and effective way to enhance your intimate experiences. Crafted with a proprietary herbal blend, these gummies are designed to boost energy, libido and sexual performance. Experience heightened intimacy and elevate your sexual wellness with Bliss Bear Female Enhancement Gummies. Crafted with care and precision, these gummies are designed to provide women with an effective and natural way to enhance their intimate moments. A unique blend of natural ingredients. At the heart of Bliss Bear Gummies is a proprietary herbal blend that includes powerful ingredients such as Tribulus Terrestris Extract, Ashwagandha, Catauba Extract, Punica Extract, and Damiana Extract. These herbs have been celebrated for their potential to support sexual vitality and overall well-being. Tribulus Terrestris Extract known for its potential to boost libido and sexual function, Tribulus Terrestris Extract is a key component in these Gummies. It may help improve overall sexual wellness and energy. Ashwagandha: An adaptogenic herb, Ashwagandha is revered for its stress reducing properties and potential to enhance sexual performance by reducing anxiety and promoting relaxation. Catauba Extract is traditionally used as an aphrodisiac and energy booster. It may help increase sexual desire and stamina. Punica Extract derived from pomegranate, is rich in antioxidants and may support blood flow, which is essential for arousal and performance. Damiana Extract is known for its potential to increase sensitivity and pleasure during intimate moments. The Power of Nitric Oxide Activators and PDE5 Inhibitors. Bliss Bear Gummies are formulated with Nitric Oxide activators and PDE5 inhibitors, enhancing their effectiveness in promoting blood flow and arousal. no activators help relax blood vessels, increasing blood flow to the intimate areas, while PDE5 inhibitors help maintain that increased blood flow for a longer duration. To enjoy the benefits of Bliss Bear Female Enhancement Gummies, simply consume 1 to 2 Gummies one hour before your desired intimate activity. Please do not exceed 3 Bear Gummies in a 24 hour period. Ensure you stay hydrated by consuming at least 12 ounces of water. Warning: If you have a heart condition, it is advisable not to take this product. Some individuals may find that only 2 gummies are needed for their desired effect. Please do not consume these Gummies with other supplements or medications. Elevate your intimate experiences and embrace the potential of natural herbal ingredients with Bliss Bear Female Enhancement Gummies. Discover a delightful way to boost energy, libido, and overall sexual performance. Please note display is shown. Single package with 6 Bears ships. Categories: Adult Candy, Meds, Supplements, Sex Pills, Health and Beauty Aids, Sex Toys for Women. 2023.

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