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Classic Erotica Coochy Rash Free Shave Cream new fragrance Island Paradise dramatically reduces cuts, nicks, scrapes and razor irritation. It contains a special conditioner and moisturizing complex that provides an effortless glide for an oh so smooth shave. Your coochy will love you for it! Why it is different the conditioner and moisturizing complex provides the perfect lubrication and razor glide. Jojoba Seed Oil provides a protective barrier for skin and helps seal in moisture. Coochy Shave Cream does not contain unnecessary foaming agents. Tip as with any shaving cream, soak skin and exfoliate before shaving. If necessary, follow with an after shave protection mist. Coochy Island Paradise escape on an exotic adventure with island paradise. Infused with juicy Acai Berries and sensually Sweet Mangosteen, you will discover and uncover the many wonders of this fragrance. 3.4 ounces tube. Made in the USA. Categories: Erotic Body Lotions, Health and Beauty Aids, Intimate Shave Cream, Shaving, Personal Grooming, Lotions. Restricted, Amazon Restricted. 2022.

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