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Earthly Body Candle 3 In 1 Candle Silky Satin 6 ounces. New for the Holidays Massage Candle 2022. Natural Soy Candle, body moisturizer and massage oil all in one! Fragrant natural Soy oil Massage Candle burns longer and cleaner! Melts into a warming, silky massage oil that penetrates and moisturizes skin. Absolutely delectable fragrances will awaken the scenes. 8 natural oils including Hemp Seed, Vitamin E and Jojoba. Avocado and Apricot leave skin soft and smooth. Use right out of the shower or bath! 100% Vegan, Non-Toxic. Earthly Body 3-in-1 Massage Oil Candle comes in a non-graphic round tin containers hand poured, fragrant natural soy oil massage candle burns longer and cleaner. Candle melts into a warming, silky massage oil. Penetrates and moisturizes skin. Eight natural oils including hemp seed, Vitamin E, Jojoba, Avocado, and Apricot leave skin soft and smooth. Use right out of the shower or bath. Earthly Body’s most popular skin care products are our 3-in-1 Massage Candles. They are unique, fun gifts and skin care rolled into one. These scented soy candles are all natural great smelling, no paraffin, no petroleum, and clean burning. What makes them different and fun is that they can be used for giving warm massages or can be used every day after a bath or shower as a body and skin moisturizer. Their massage candles are formulated with quality cosmetic grade ingredients. 100% vegan, non-toxic materials. All natural skin care products, hemp seed oil, lotions, hemp skin care products, soy scented candles. The industrial seed hemp that is used in cosmetics today is not marijuana, although they are from the same species, Cannabis Sativa. The seeds are sterilized, removing any traces of THC – the mind altering compound found in the drug. Industrial hemp can be grown with relatively little fertilizer and without the pesticides that have been known to pollute ground water and river systems. Manufacturer’s declaration: the oil in the hemp based products has been tested in accordance with Health Canada and USDA guidelines and contains 0.00% THC, tetrahydrocannabinol. Never leave a burning candle unattended. Always store out of reach of small children. Candle 3-In-1 Candle by Earthly Body of Chatsworth, California. Package dimension: height 1.75 inches, length 2.50 inches, width 2.50 inches. Packaged weight 8 ounces. Categories: Erotic Body Lotions, Health and Beauty Aids, Massage Lotions, Creams, Oils, Xmas Items. Earthly Body – Massage Candle, Silky Satin 6oz. Restricted, Amazon Restricted. 2023.

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