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Perfect Fit Ball Stretcher 2.0 Clear. Ball tested, user approved! If you have never tried a ball stretcher, what is stopping you? Adding a bit of extra weight to your scrotum can significantly impact your sexual experience. Made of our proprietary material, its super easy to put on: just stretch it out and gently release it between the base of your cock and balls. Our Ball Stretchers are available in two different materials. This item is made from PF Blend for guys who prefer a more snug fit. We also offer a SilaSkin Ball Stretcher, our proprietary blend of Thermoplastic Rubber TPR and Silicone, which is often preferred by first timers. Perfect for those who prefer a snug fit. Fits scrotums of most shapes and sizes. Enjoy a unique sexual sensation. Comfortable and user friendly. Not too heavy, not too light. Fat Boy Stretcher 2.0 The super stretchy ball stretcher that fits any man and is so soft! Category: Fat Boy Line of SilaSkin Products, Cock and Ball Toys materials: SilaSkin TPR, Silicone Blend. Safety Rating: EN-71 -3. Made of SilaSkin this product has stretch factor 1200%! SilaSkin is irresistibly soft and safe with all lubes. SilaSkin is a proprietary blend of TPR and Silicone. Categories: Love Rings, Cock Rings, Men’s Cock and Ball Gear. 2022.

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