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Domin8 Quickie Fast and furious fetish fun. Domin8 Quickie 24 new and erotic scenarios exploring control play in an easy and fun way from Creative Conceptions. 24 New & Erotic Domin8 Scenarios Exploring Control Play in an Easy & Fun Way. Domin8 Quickie is the sequel to the well received Role Playing title Domin8. Providing lovers a compact edition of the game, Domin8 Quickie is a game of Sub/Dom play where couples can easily roll the 8 sided die and match their symbol with a role playing scenario painted just for them. 24 Scenario Cards 1 x 8 Sided Die. Categories: Party Games, Gifts & Supplies, X-Rated Adult Games, Books, Adult Games & Music, Adult Party Games. Restricted, Amazon Restricted. 2022.

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