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Nipple Teeze Gel .5 ounce Boxed tube from California Fantasies. Flavored and unscented gel. New Nipple Teeze Intensifying Sensitivity Gel come in a small resealable tube. Thrillingly discreet and highly arousing, California Fantasies presents Nipple Teeze for men and women, the arousal cream that heightens sensitivity and intensifies stimulation during your most intimate affairs. Perfect for solo love and foreplay, Nipple Teeze Intensifying Gel smells and tastes like candy and offers plenty of options for creativity and excitement. Simply apply the intensifying gel with a fingertip and massage, kiss or pinch the nipples to achieve the full effect. Its clear, non-staining formula rinses away with soap and warm water, leaving no stickiness or residue behind. Nipple Teeze Intensifying Sensitivity Gel comes in a travel friendly 0.5 ounce tube. Formulated and manufactured in the USA. Female sexual arousal gel heightens stimulation to both male as well as female nipples. Instructions for use: apply Nipple Teeze generously to the nipples. Lightly massage and pinch the nipples for a few moments, until you feel the tingling sensation for full effect. Can also be used in conjunction with nipple rings and clamps. California Fantasies personal care products for romantic pleasures. California Fantasies Personal Care Products for romantic pleasures. California Fantasies Anaheim Hills, California. Please note the package has changed. Categories: Erotic Body Lotions, Gels, Nipple Play, Sex Toys For Couples. Made in the USA. Amazon Restricted. 2023.

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