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The Palm Power Massager Fuchsia Pink Rechargeable from BMS Enterprises. A favorite among customers around the world since it came. Now, BMS Factory is offering its new version, the Palm Power Recharge which has all the power of the original in a cordless, USB rechargeable version! The Palm Power Recharge is presented in a slim, informative box. How to use: the Palm Power Recharge should come with a small initial charge out of the box. If it does not, follow the charging instructions in the next section. Palm Power Recharge has a single button used to increase speed, turn it on and off and activate the travel lock. This product comes from the factory locked. Before use, ensure it is unlocked by quickly pressing the button 3 times. You will feel 2 quick vibration to let you know it is unlocked. To begin, press and hold the button for one or two seconds and then let it go at your desired speed. To increase this vibration, simply press and hold again and let go at your desired speed. To turn off, press the button again quickly. Charging: insert the USB cord into the Palm Power Recharge and the other end into a USB power source such as a computer or USB wall adaptor. A light emitting diode LED light will turn on to indicate that it is charging. When charging has finished, the LED light will disappear. The Palm Power Recharge will not operate while it is charging. Tip: if you are having trouble unlocking your Palm Power Recharge, charging it for at least 5 seconds will also deactivate the travel lock. Cleaning and maintenance: always unplug the product before cleaning. Remove cap and wash it with mild soap and water before and after each use. Wipe the body of the product clean with a damp cloth and ensure product is completely dry before use. Do not use any type of solvents such as alcohol or benzene, which may damage not only the finish, but the product itself. Keep the cord free from tangling and inspect it for damage frequently. Safety instructions: always unplug this unit from the wall before cleaning. Only use this product indoors in an open air environment. Do not use near any water such as the shower or bath. Supervision is necessary when using this product around children or disabled persons. Do not let children operate this product. Only use the USB cord designed for this product. Included in the box is the Palm Power Recharge, an instruction manual and a 40 inches USB recharging cord. Unlike the Original Palm Power, the Palm Power Recharge does not need to be plugged in to work giving you more freedom than ever before. Simply press the pin into the bottom of the Palm Power Recharge, let it completely charge, unplug it and hold on! The Palm Power Recharge works with all current Palm Power Attachments using the same T lock guide to keep the attachments secure and in place during use. Easily pop the interchangeable attachments off and replace with any other one when needed for different sensations. The Palm Power Recharge has a black handle with vibrant fuchsia Silicone caps and neck. Please note: Palm Power is for external use only. Categories: Rechargeable Vibrators, Solo Body Massagers, Palm Size Massagers, Sex Toys for Women. Restricted, Amazon Restricted. 2023.

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