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Body Action Products Size RX Male Enhancement Topical Lotions 50 Pieces sample size point of purchase display fishbowl. Size RX is a topical lotion that delivers key ingredients directly to the source. It is formulated to help add excitement and intensify sensation for longer, fuller fun. For foreplay, massage and manual penile stimulation. An erection enhancing lotion that can be quickly and discreetly applied topically, Size RX helps the penis look and feel bigger, even when flaccid. Using a combination of natural botanical extracts and potent ingredients like the sexual enhancer Arginine, just rub a little directly onto the penis and feel it start to work immediately! This blue and white display looks great beside the register, and encourages the customer to add one of the 50 sample pillow packs inside to their purchase! Type: Enhancing Cream Count: 50 Pieces Ingredients: Deionized Water, Aloe Vera Gel, Safflower Oil, Vegetable Derived Emulsifying Wax, Arginine HCl, Allantoin, Triethanclamine, Lecithin, Polysorbate-80, Carbopol, Methylparaben, Sodium EDTA, Propylparaben, Menthol, Zinc Chelate, Propylene Glycol, Yohimbe Extract, Maca Extract, Tribulus Terresteris Extract*, Saw Palmetto Extract, Epicedium Extract, Fragrance. Size Rx Male Enhancement Formula Topical Lotion 50 Pieces Fishbowl Display by Body Action Lutz, Florida 33559. Categories: Size RX, Male Enhancement, Erotic Body Lotions, Meds, Supplements, Gels, Health and Beauty Aids, Masturbation Creams, Lotions. FYI * Tribulus (Tribulus terrestris) is a plant that produces fruit covered with spines. It is traditionally known as an aphrodisiac in various cultures. Tribulus has chemicals that might increase levels of some hormones. increase male hormones testosterone in humans. People use tribulus for sexual disorders, infertility, chest pain, enlarged prostate, and many other conditions, but there is no good scientific evidence to support most of these uses. Yohimbe is a popular herbal supplement marketed to help with erectile dysfunction and improve body composition and weight loss. Yohimbine is the main active ingredient in yohimbe supplements, and there is evidence that it can effectively improve erectile dysfunction. Restricted, Amazon Restricted. 2023.

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