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Stud Stallion 0.5 ounce Boxed Prolong Cream for Men from California Fantasy. New! Available 1/2 ounce tubes boxes. Make it last longer. Stud Stallion Prolong Cream for Men by California Fantasies is the perfect answer to desired delayed orgasms, now more potent than ever before! Stud Stallion is formulated to be silky smooth and to absorb quickly into the skin so you can get right down to business. Apply a pea-sized amount onto the desired area 10 minutes before intercourse. Stud Stallion Prolong Cream rinses clean with soap and warm water, comes in a travel friendly 0.5 ounce tube. Formulated and manufactured in the USA. Stud Stallion active ingredient is Benzocaine. Package has a j-peg hole makes for easy display on retail slant walls. Instructions for use: apply a pea size of the Stud Stallion cream 10 minutes before sexual intercourse on the head of penis and massage gently. Reapply if desire, you can easily rinse off with water. California Fantasies personal products for romantic pleasures. Categories: Erotic Body Lotions, Health and Beauty Aids, Lubricants, Desensitizing, Creams. Restricted, Amazon Restricted. 2023.

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