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Velextra 2 Pack sexual enhancement for women 12 piece display from Beamonstar. Ladies now you can enjoy the benefits of an all natural libido boosting enhancer made just for you. Unlock your hidden desires and finally enjoy sex to the fullest. Velextra formula includes L’Arginine to let your libido soar by increasing blood circulation to the skin for more intense sensation. Velextra For Women is a female sexual enhancement supplement made with a blend of herbal ingredients. This is made to increase desire, passion, and overall sexual pleasure. Their proprietary blend has a total of 296 mg per serving, and it has both common and uncommonly used ingredients. Details about it are limited but there is a full ingredients list so users can review what it can potentially offer. Taking a single pill one hour before sexual activity kicks your pleasure into overdrive and maximizes performance in as little as 45 minutes. This powerful all natural enhancer for women stays in her system for 24 to 36 hours giving her the ever lasting energy to perform again and again. Fennel Seed Powder: An herb in the carrot family that is used for medical and culinary reasons. This is rich and vitamins and minerals and is used specifically to improve colon and respiratory health. Ginger Root PE: A natural multipurpose herb that is used commonly to prevent indigestion, nausea, and other related digestive issues. This is also used to help reduce inflammation and to support the nervous system and brain. Licorice Root PE: The compound in licorice known as Glycyrrhizin is used for different purposes including aiding digestion, but so far studies have been inconclusive. High amounts can potentially lead to: high blood pressure, heart issues, and muscle complications. Saw Palmetto PE: A fruit used to help improve prostate health and the reproductive system. This has a long historical usage as a medicinal aid, and it can help support healthy urine flow and make it easier to sustain the prostate. FD&C Blue #1: Known as Brilliant Blue FCF, this artificial food coloring is added to give the pills a blue color. Made synthetically it will often be added to processed goods such as candy and beverages. When ingested it will often be improperly digested, leading to discolored stools which are blue in appearance. Certain users may develop sudden allergies such as a rash, gives, redness, swelling, and other symptoms which may be the signs of a major issue. There have been issues with this ingredient that the FDA has cited such as reproductive damage in larger amounts. Though when added to supplements it is unlikely to be significant enough. FD&C Red #3: artificially produced food dye known as Erythrosine. This was partially banned in the 1990s by the FDA after studies showed it could lead to cancer in lab rats.There are safety groups which have called for the full ban of this instead of a partial ban, since it serves no medicinal purpose and some studies have shown it can cause side effects. Categories: Meds, Supplements, Sex Pills, Health and Beauty Aids, Sex Toys for Women. 2023.

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