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(WD) Boners Liquid Silicone 2 In 1 Ball Stretcher Gray from EDC. Your manly shapes are ready for every adventure in this Liquid Silicone 2 in 1 Ball stretcher from the Boners collection. This sex toy lifts your penis and balls upwards and pushes them forward. The penis and balls also swell up more because the ball stretcher makes sure the blood that flows to your testicles stays there. The toy is made of liquid silicone, a unique material that feels incredibly soft and is very stretchy for a perfect fit. Diameters small ring: 2,5cm inner diameter 4cm outer diameter e or approximately .98 inch, 1.57 inches, Large ring 3cm inner diameter, 4.3cm outer diameter e or approximately 1.18 inches, 1.69 inches. Length 1.9 inches by 1 inch in width. Video. No longer available. 2023.

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