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(WD) Naughty Mints Display 100 pieces of individually wrapped peppermint candy per display carton. Each wrap has a Naughty message with up to 10 different messages, including; Eat Me!, Cute Butt!, Let’s Screw!, Nice Boobs!, Be My Love Slave!, Make Me Hot!, Bend Over!, Let’s Make Love!, Lick Me All Over!, I Need You Now! Ingredients: Dextrose, Glucose, Calcium Sterate E470, Dextrin E1400, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Confectioner’s Glaze E904, Caranuba Wax E903, Titanium Dioxide E171. Naughty Mints Display from Candyprints. New image. Categories: Party Games, Gifts and Supplies, Adult Candy and Erotic Foods, Valentine’s Day, Mints. Please note the display is changing colors. Old pink. New multicolors orange with a rounded header. No longer available. 2023.

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