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Xmas Amusement 100 piece display from Candyprints. Do not let Santa catch you without these mints this Holiday Season! 100 pieces of individually wrapped peppermint candy per display carton. Messages include: Oh, Cum All Ye Faithful!, Naughty Noel!, Merry SEXmas!, Merry F*cking Christmas!, Jingle Balls!, Horny Holidays!, Be Tender and Wild!, Be Nice and Naughty!, A Lay In The Manger!, Santa’s Cumming!, Oh, Horny Night! Xmas Amusement 100 from Candy Prints. 100 pieces with 3.1g e or approximately .109349 ounce. Ingredients: Dextrose, Glucose, Calcium Stearate E470, Dextrin E1400, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Confectioners Glaze E904, Carnauba Wax E903, Titanium Dioxide E171 also listed in images. Categories: Party Games, Gifts, Supplies, Adult Candy and Erotic Foods, Mints, Xmas items. 2023.

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