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Xplozion 60 Capsule Bottle. Make every shot count with Xplozion. Have more intense orgasms today and finally show your lover the man you are with Xplozion, the all natural climax enhancer for men! Get a bigger, better orgasm every time! You will come harder, longer, come more and more often! Xplozion is a proprietary blend of proven herbal ingredients that add power, volume and intensity to every ejaculation. You know you want to give your lover everything that you have got and they want to see it too, so give them the blast of their love life with a voluminous load! Experience a new level of sexual pleasure for yourself and your partner with Xplozion, a safe, effective, 100% all-natural supplement that is available to you right now without a prescription. Now is the time to explore our site and find out more about Xplozion, a product that can change your life. Is ejaculation dysfunction affecting your love life? While some men dream of lasting longer in bed, others are plagued by the inability to climax otherwise known as Ejaculatory Dysfunction Disorder. Not being able to experience that supreme feeling of release can be frustrating for men, and can really put a strain on couples that are trying to conceive. This condition is sometimes referred to as delayed ejaculation, ejaculatory incompetence or retarded ejaculation. This condition is less common than erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation and is often tied to men that try to be overly in control of their emotions and have problems letting go during sex. Additionally, drugs such as antidepressants and alcohol can cause ejaculatory dysfunction. Delayed ejaculation is third most common male sexual disorder following impotence and premature ejaculation; and although the number of men affected by this problem seems low only about 10% of men, it is a major cause of frustration. While it is normal for sexual responses to change for both men and women as they age, delayed ejaculation is not a normal part of aging. As a last resort, men will self-stimulate to reach orgasm because masturbation is often a more reliable method of reaching orgasm but what about your partner? During sex, some men and their partners may appreciate their ability to go all night, but most sexual partners anticipate an explosion of ejaculation at the end of their rendezvous, and will not settle for anything less both partners want to know they played a role and stopping to masturbate can be taken as an insult and the related stress only leads to more problems. Additionally prolonging sex for hours and hours can make a woman sore, and she may not want to come back for more. End the troubles in the bedroom today with Xplozion’s safe and effective formula to improve and intensify ejaculation for an explosive orgasm! Treat ejaculation dysfunction with Xplozion. Because of their deep-rooted mental causes, most ejaculation dysfunction cures primarily consist of psychological treatment, therapy or couples’ counseling, which can be costly and time consuming. Xplozion offers an instant, cost-effective solution to ejaculation dysfunction with an all-natural supplement packed with vitamins and all natural herbs and extracts to boost mood and let you let go of any anxiety to allow you to perform and enjoy sex to its maximum. Xplozion contains vitamin C and Zinc which are known to be effective boosters of the endocrine and immune systems. It also includes vitamin B-12, which is widely acknowledged as an overall mood and energy lifter. Maca Root in Xplozion increases the entire body’s receptivity to the sexual experience. What causes ejaculation dysfunction? A man’s psychology plays a big role in ejaculation dysfunction. Many men tend to be strict and controlling over their desires in order to be successful in business or to reach goals. Men with a fantastic drive for life also have the ability to be very detached including during sex. Stress during sex also is sometimes caused by fear of pregnancy; the notion that the vagina is dirty and a very strict religious upbringing. Letting go of this control is often a difficult thing to overcome but a necessary step to overcome delayed ejaculation. Ejaculation dysfunction also can be caused suddenly from medication such as antidepressants even men who have had no previous difficulties. Additionally, recreational drugs, as well as drinking alcohol excessively can impact a man’s ability to ejaculate. Do not take this male enhancement pill if you are under a doctors care. Never take any over the counter remedy if you are currently taking blood pressure medication without first consulting your physician. Categories: Meds and Supplements, Sex Pills, Sex Toys for Men, Health and Beauty. 2023.

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