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Sex Trends in 2021: Hot Things to Try Out This Year

               The concept of sex is one of the oldest forms of human intimacy. Surprisingly, sex has never gone out of fashion; a new twist makes the act more interesting. Fast forward to last year, virtually everybody’s life was upside down by the Covid pandemic. Most of us were confined to our homes in the name of lockdowns, and we could only think of ways to make ourselves happy. It is sad, somewhat absurd, to admit that some of us became sex addicts; find what sex trends were in 2021.

               We exhausted all our sex positions and ideas over time, and it was about time to try new things. With all its sweetness, sex can become dull without new inventions. To save marriages, relationships, and domestic partnerships (if anything like that exists), we need to try new things this year. By the way, 2021 is not very different from last year regarding the pandemic. The only difference is that we have adapted to the new normal. Let’s look at the recent trends and hot things to try out this year without much ado.

Take Sex Virtual

                With numerous lockdowns still plaguing countries and states, it is highly recommended that you embrace virtual intimacy. What is virtual intimacy to start with? Technology has allowed us to reconnect with people we lost physical closeness with. Almost every relationship has been made virtual unless you’re married or cohabiting with your partner. You wouldn’t be able to see your better half, who lives a few blocks away if a strict lockdown is imposed on your locality.

             And these lockdowns have become so unpredictable, thanks to an ever-mutating virus. With numerous dating apps, online toys, and video chats, you can now connect intimately with whomever you want worldwide. You and your partner can have intimate sex even though you two are miles away from each other. All you need to do is initiate a video chat, grab your favorite sex toy, and, as they say, the rest becomes history.

New Toys for Both Men and Women

               The sex toy industry is the most diverse and competitive in the world. Every day you wake up, a new sex toy is on the market, some weird and some cute. All you need to do is scroll through your favorite online store from time to time to discover what is new. Most trendy sex toys have a unique device that improves your sex experience. But before you rush to buy anything new, make sure it is legit and available in stock. This is because people are hungry and won’t mind scamming you a few dollars to feed themselves.

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Consider Going for Gender Neutral Toys

                Gone are days when people shied away from trying things considered a reserve of the opposite sex. Sex has become so diversified that you can do virtually everything the opposite sex does. You will miss much fun if you rush to buy old sex toys. For instance, there has been an upsurge of non-gender-specific anal toys and clamps.

              Surprisingly, both men and women can achieve an orgasm by using such toys. Additionally, sex toys for women can be inserted into the anus and vagina at once. Most of these new toys are remotely controlled or are controlled using an app. The toys also have isms for measuring and controlling intensity levels. You need to vary how your thighs are tightly squeezed.

The Lesbian Sex Toys

                Believe it or not, new toys are specifically designed for lesbians in the market. These are toys designed to mimic a penis perfectly and can do even better. Because they are made for girls, the babies are gorgeous and appetizing to look at. Most importantly, your anatomical wellness is guaranteed since these toys only use water-based lube to ensure you get wet. The uniqueness of the new lesbian sex toys means you can leave them on your office desk, and no one will figure out what it is used for.

New Sex Positions

                As for couples, there are exciting sex styles you will hear about for the first time this year. What better way can you spice your sex life if not trying new sex positions? And did you know that Karma Sutra details more than 60 sex positions? How many have you tried so far? You haven’t tried all those positions because you get tired after trying 2 or 3 places. If watching a sex video could help you add one new style, don’t hold yourself back. Alternatively, you can invent new sex positions from the three dominant positions: face-face, one of you on top, rear entry, or standing.

Go Bondage

              Though not new in sex, bondage is one the best ways of looking for domination and submission during sex. Once you get your partner into panic mode, the adrenaline will do the rest. That little rush of helplessness is a precursor to rough sex, but not nasty sex, which many people find thrilling. BDSM doesn’t have to be a reserve of one person. Couples could occasionally switch roles. Most importantly, you don’t have to spend too much purchasing BDSM equipment such as blindfolds and handcuffs. Something as simple as a necktie or scarf can do the trick perfectly.


               We always insist that sex does not have a specific formula. Anything that thrills you and facilitates a climax is very much okay. Also, don’t be too hard on yourself when exploring your body. The little pleasures like sex are what make life lively. So, don’t avoid trying new things or following recent trends.

Most importantly, know what new direction you’re adopting and ensure it works for you. If it doesn’t, then feel free to stick to your old methods. The most important thing is your happiness and sexual satisfaction.

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