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Buy sex toys online in discrete way?

            Have you ever experienced that awkward moment when you are in a store buying some personal items and you see someone starring at you, this makes you feel uneasy not to talk of going to a retail sex toys store, you know what it feels like. Also you might be panic of being sighted by an office colleague or business associates which doesn’t sound really good but thank goodness for the vast advancement in technology which has given room for online purchase. You can successfully buy just about anything online, and sex toys are no exception. Sex toys, however, are an especially good fit when it comes to shopping online because you have unlimited options available. After all, if there’s anything you shouldn’t bother putting on pants to buy, this is it. Buying toys online provides lots of conveniences which include;

Unlimited Selections where to buy them

           As we’ve already mentioned, there are many amazing sex toy shops out there – you might even have one near you – but most can’t compete with the incredible breadth and depth of selection you’ll find with online stores. Whether you’re looking to expand an already sizable collection, or just like to have plenty to choose from, you’ll find every brand, type, shape, size and color of toy you can possibly imagine online. Online stores are constantly updated with new products all your sexual pleasure.

Best Prices for toys 

          Because online retailers don’t have to maintain a storefront and sales staff, they can typically offer lower prices than you’d find in your local sex shop. Plus, while comparison shopping sex toys might be tricky depending on where you live, you can easily compare prices and service among various online retailers, or watch for sales and promotions from your favorite online stores. Most online retailers offer rotating discounts on various items, as well as seasonal promotions. That can mean getting a much better deal on your toy. And that might mean you’ll be able to afford more than one!

Discrete Purchase and Shipping

        This is part of the most awesome reasons why you must buy your toys online. Some people feel perfectly comfortable walking into a sex shop and buying whatever appeals to their tastes. Many others, however, are just too shy to make the leap. When it comes to privacy, you can’t beat shopping online. Online stores typically make privacy a priority for customers. As far as your mail carrier knows, you could be ordering anything at all. It’ll be your little secret.

No Age Barrier

           You can buy sex toys online when you are 18. In some places, you cannot go into a sex store unless you are 21. In some stores, you have to enter the main door and present your id and then they have to buzz you in.  You’d feel like they are staring down on you the whole time.

Detailed Product Instructions and Specs

           Ever been in a sex store and wonder what in the world is that for? Sometimes the packaging does not always explain the product so well. On the website, there are details on what type of product it is – Internal vs. external, is it for vaginal or anal use, what lube is it compatible with, does it need batteries, what type of material is it made of, etc.? If you have a question, you can look at the customer reviews or write the customer service department a quick email.

            So buying sex toy is perfectly done online and best offer is only given at We have stocks of new and latest trending products coupled with amazing promo discounts for this Xmas season. Also at Moystoys, Your privacy is extremely important to us and our discreet packaging enables you to shop with us in complete confidence. With completely plain and boring packaging, you will be the only person excited about what’s inside.


           All orders are sent in plain packaging to prevent anyone guessing what’s inside the box or who it’s from. Your order is for your eyes only. Subject to the requirements of the country you wish your order to be dispatched to, customs and regulations may however require courier to disclose and state details of your order on the outside of your packaging. We also have to apply a customs label to your package. For discretion, we state that it contains Novelty Items.

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