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Top 10 sexy lingerie for your bedroom fantasy

          This is always an open secret that – women in sexy lingerie are irresistible to men. Lingerie is an incredible effect of lace, ribbons, leather and sheer material. Sexy lingerie is often termed as wide outlooks to sexual intimacy. Erotic lingerie is a ‘’must-have’’ for every woman’s wardrobe both married and singles- It doesn’t matter. Erotic lingerie’s just what you need to spice up your love life or just help you unleash your inner love goddess, spark up the beauty in you, make you irresistible and light your bedroom fantasy.


          Sexy lingerie brings out the sexier side of your fantasy career and even make your husband or boyfriend’s wildest fantasy come true especially in the bedroom. Also you can wear this sexy lingerie just for yourself. Wearing a sexy lingerie makes you feel sexy all day long, with a seductive spark that will drive men wild. The amazing part of it is that, they won’t even know why! They will just gaze at you like they’ve never seen you before.

           Talking of lingerie, there are series of lingerie to make women look pleasing to the eye. Lingerie has become a favoured boudoir pick-me-up. Guys love the visual stimulation and girls love the fact that they can highlight their best attributes and conceal any worries. There various types of lingerie and there are some super-hot series of the sexual lingerie for spice up your look and bedroom fantasy. The following are top 10 super-hot lingerie for bedroom fantasy;


          Fun, flirty and very sexy! Catsuit is one of the most mysterious and sensual lingerie items available. A one-piece garment that covers from bust to the toes. A bodystocking, usually worn in anticipation for a seducing moment and it can be worn in the boudoir for extreme fantasy. Bodystocking/catsuit is a perfect choice for a naughty night.

Catsuits >> HERE

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           The feel of silk or some other soft lingerie item caressing your body can make anyone’s pores feel alive with sexual energy. This cute little item is usually a short gown just to the thighs, leaving the legs plain with a built in, bra-like cups with a loose flowing skirt and it comes with a matching pair of skimpy panties that you can wear with it. This is a good choice for pretty young ladies.

Babydols >> HERE


          Known to be a tight fitting made of a stiff material. Corsets, clinches the waist and lifts up breasts to a notable level, creating the ultimate hourglass shape. It is held in place by adjustable lacing in the back. Corset displays the actual shape of lady in a sexy and irresistible way.


         This is known to be one of the sexiest and the hottest series of lingerie which is best for bedroom fantasy. It takes the place of a bra and a garter belt, and covers from the bust to the hips. It provides shaping (making the waist smaller). Basically a bustier is a sexy strapless bra that goes down to the waist with garter straps attached.

Bras & Bustiers >> HERE


         This piece is perfectly erotica. It is a short sexy dress with loose top that has a length that goes to the waist and can be worn with a pair of matching panties.


           One of the most common gowns, it is a straight cut that falls just above the knee leaving a slide which reveals the thigh and the panties. Most usually, when found in lingerie, this will be nightwear.


         Thongs are extremely irresistible sexy panties that only cover the front and leave your bottom exposed, covered only by a thin strip of material. G-Strings are similar, except there is only a thin, stretchable string covering your bottom.

Thongs & G Strings >> HERE


           This is specifically for bedroom usage. A peignoir, a long gown with a length that reaches the ankles. Uusually made of transparent materials which reveals the whole body. This gives easy access to reach every part of the body because of very soft materials.


          Very Hot stuff! The garter belt (suspender belt) is worn directly on the skin around the waist. Sexy stockings or thigh-highs can be attached to the belt with the straps that dangle from this sexy item.


         Bodysuits are becoming an increasingly popular lingerie. It is tight-fitting item covering the torso. More and more people are choosing to wear bodysuits due to its convenience. Ladies love bodysuits for their attractiveness, sleek style and comfort.


          May be few think about themselves as a not a type to wear a lingerie, but secret is every female is deserved giving it a try and experience amazing results through it. This is just about choosing right lingerie which could make you tempting and desirable to your guy.

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