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10 Household Items That Can Double as Sex Toys in 2021

             Something about sex is beyond our understanding. It is so addictive, yet very rare to find, especially if you don’t have someone to give it to you regularly. As rare as it may seem, you can have good sex if you take the time to look around your household. Many items in your household can double up as sex toys and give you a mind-blowing sex experience. Additionally, these items can help spice up your sex life in a way that you can’t imagine.

           From utensils to electronic gadgets, there are simply more than enough sex toys in your house to hit every spot that fills your body with goosebumps. However, you must be cautious not to end up injuring yourself as you pursue pleasure. Most if not all of these items were never designed to be sex toys. We merely modify them to be to have some extra thrill and explore our creativity. Moreover, turning ordinary household items into toys will help you cut costs on sex toys, which are mostly expensive by the way.

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            The best sex toy is a convenient one; a toy that is readily available and easy to use. Since these toys are made of different materials and designs, some of them harmful to your inner tissues, you will need to wear a condom to use them. Most importantly, ensure the items are clean before using them. Also, always clean them after use to make them suitable for their normal uses, remember the items have their primary functions.

Top 10 household items that can double as sex toys in 2021.

 1. Toothbrush

             The first and most effective household item that can serve the purpose of a sex toy is a toothbrush. An electric toothbrush is even a better sex toy than a regular one. The vibration that comes with such a brush would make your head spin if placed on your most sensitive spots.

>> Philips Sonicare <<

          Use the non-bristle end to stimulate the area between your labium. While doing so, make sure you’re in the ‘on’ position to give it a better angle. You can also get a vibrating head attachment for a regular toothbrush an even better sex experience.

 2. Tape

           It one of the most ignored household items, unless you need to wrap something of course. If you have the urge to be tied down and you can’t find any handcuffs, the tape can be just as good, trust me. But you have to make sure it is tough enough to tame your wild partner.

>> 3M DUCT TAPE <<

         Additionally, one can use a tape to push your partner into submission. All you need to do is the stick and remove it until their wild side is pushed into submission. The next time you see this item made of cardboard and paper, don’t underestimate what it can do behind closed doors.

 3. Cellphone

            You probably didn’t expect to find a cellphone in this list. But believe it or not, this gadget can make a very good sex toy? First, all smartphones vibrate, right? Think about what it could do if you laid it on your clitoris. Moreover, there are vibrating apps that can be installed on your phone and will serve just the same purpose.

>> Cellphone <<

         You can vary the level and intensity of vibration for these apps, thus giving you as much stimulation as you want. There some myths associated with cellphone vibrations. For instance, some people associate the vibration with a certain kind of harmful radiation. We are not theoretical physicists but all we can say at this point is that those are just that – myths.

 4. Select Foods like Vegetables 

            From cucumbers to bananas, there simply very many foods that can double as excellent sex toys. The best thing about such foods is that they come in a variety of sizes and designs. If you used a banana, for example, its curved shape will help you hit sensitive spots like the G-spot. The cucumber on the other hand has a big girth that will stretch every muscle on your vagina or anus. All these foods are also safe and non-toxic when used as sex toys. However, they need to be cleaned properly before using them or use a condom instead.

 5. Ice Cubes

         Ice cubes are the perfect toys to tease and tantalize your partner. The chill you feel when they’re placed on your skin sends goosebumps all over your skin.

>> Ice Cubes <<

      Slowly run an ice cube over your partner’s nipples and down the torso. Test their stamina further by running it down the happy trail to a few inches from their buttocks.

 6. Tie – Stockings – Scarf

           Instead of spending a lot of money to buy a blindfold, all you need to do is to use a tie, stockings, or scarf. Anything long can serve the purpose, including cutting a long piece of an old bedsheet.

>> Stockings <<

         You can also use these items to tie them down and perform some magic on their sensitive sports. Some people have also become creative with bras as far as blindfolding is concerned.


 7. Shower Head

           Have you ever thought of using a shower head to stimulate yourself when bathing? If not, then you’re missing out on a lot of fun. Let the shower-head come into contact with your skin as you bathe instead of sprinkling water on your body inches from the skin. Alternatively, lay on the floor and take the shower-head between your legs. Make sure the shower is in a harder pulsating mode as you press it against yourself. To be safe when using this item, ensure you’re using cold or lukewarm water to avoid burning your tissues.

 8. Spatula

           You don’t necessarily need a whip or belt to spank your partner into submission. A spatula can do the trick as well, maybe even better than a whip.

>> Spatula <<

          There are several kinds of spatulas, but one made of rubber could achieve the best results. However, you can use a silicone or wooden spatula to do the spanking if you can’t find a rubber one. Use it to spank their thighs and butt until they beg you to stop.


9. Head Massager

           You probably think ahead massager is a bad idea to use as a sex toy. However, it is a great stimulator if you master how to use it for that purpose. By now you have known that anything that vibrates can double as a great sex toy.


           A head massager is unique since it uses soft, tiny bristles to do the magic. You can also use the bumpy side of the brush to stimulate the right spots.


 10. Couch

           Few people have ventured into this territory as far as sex toys are concerned. Although it might not sound like the same, a couch can double as a great sex toy, thanks to its soft edges. These edges are perfect for grinding without running the risk of harming yourself. However, we recommend you leave your panties on for hygiene and extra safety purposes. Furthermore, leaving your panties on is good for the sake of whoever sits on that couch later.

>> Couch <<


         To conclude, a great sex toy is not necessarily the one you buy from a sex toy shop. We can be inventive and use anything that is lying around in the house as a sex toy. In case you didn’t know, the very first sex toys were household items like the ones we have just talked about. All you need to tap into their potential is a can-do attitude and there you have it. Start looking around your house today and you might just end up finding an item that will change your sex life forever, and for the better.

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