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Stay Hard Sign from Blush Novelties. Stay Hard exclusive toys for big boys. High quality luxury adult toys for every body type and feel. Blush Novelties exclusive product line will blow you away. Communicate intense masculinity with this sign for our Stay Hard line of products. Specifications: printed on corrugated plastic sign board. Light weight and durable. Comes with adhesive strips, ready to mount. How to use: peel backing off of adhesive strips and press firmly to desired surface. Products in Stay Hard line: Donut Rings Oversized BN00989, The Tongue cock ring BN66002 Blue, BN66012 clear. Clitifier Clear Cock Ring BN90012. Beaded Cock Rings BN00012 clear, BN00015 black, BN00013 Blue. Vibrating Cock Rings blue 2 pack BN30402. Donut Rings Assorted Colors 3 Pack BN00899. Vibrating Cock Rings blue 32 Piece Display BC304, Enter The Dragon Cock Sleeve, Ring BN04312. Pearls Of Pleasure Cock Sleeve BN40612. Vibrating Bull Ring BN77002 Blue, BN77012 clear. 10 inches Penis Enlargement System BN01068. Stroke Sleeve clear BN20125. Reusable Cock Ring blue BN30602. Reusable 5 Function Cock Ring blue BN30802. Master Stroker clear BN61312. Donut Rings Assorted 50 Piece Display BC008. Nutz BN09995.The Hand Tool BN72312. Snatch BN06422. Chains Cock Ring BN08885. Blush Novelties – Stay Hard flat for slat walls. New sign for Blush Novelties – Stay Hard. Categories: Sex Toys for Couples, Sex Toys for Men, Catalogs, Sales Tools, Promotional Items. 2023.

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