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Aneros Blue Helix Syn Trident Kit contains: The Blue Helix Syn Trident Kit includes 5 Blue Helix Syn, 5 Blue Aneros Tote Bags, 2 Shelf Wobblers, 2 Table Tents, 2 Special Edition Shirts, and 5 Blue Aneros Lanyards. This limited edition Blue Helix Syn Trident features the perfect combination of responsiveness and focused stimulation that will produce sensations of greater intensity and variety with far greater ease. In keeping with our commitment to mens health, we proudly present the Helix Syn Trident for Prostate Health and Awareness Special Edition. The Helix Trident is from Aneros newly released Trident Series, based on the legendary Helix shape that was used for the Helix Classic and the best selling Helix Syn. It is a thing of beauty, with an aggressively angled head, Trident arms and a contoured body that is great for beginners and advanced users. Design features angled head massages the prostate. New Trident arms for better movement. Contoured body for lateral and rotational movement. Perineum tab for external prostate stimulation. Kundalini tab for pleasurable sensations up the back. A new dimension of stimulation. The Trident Series introduces multi-axial motion architecture, or MAMA, this revolutionary feature which allows the Trident to move laterally as well as move up and down and in and out. This extra dimension of movement adds an extra dimension of pleasure, making it easier for a man to reach the male super-O. This stimulator will blow away. Product measures tip width 0.97 inch. Mid ridge width 0.88 inch. Stem to Perineum distance 1.65 inches. Insertable depth 4 inches. How it works: before the Aneros Stimulator, prostate massages always involved someone performing the massage, whether it be a physician during a check up, body work therapist, or if lucky, a skilled partner. Providing an effective massage is definitely an acquired skill. Due to flexibility constraints, realizing the benefits of an effective self massage for most men has not been possible. The Aneros Stimulator allows men to self administer a prostate massage comfortably and discreetly. Simply through anal Kegel exercises, the Aneross design utilizes a self pivoting mechanism that stimulates the prostate internally and external via the perineum. This is done completely hands free, allowing a user freedom to explore the sensations in any number of positions. When a man contracts his anal sphincter muscles, the perineum tab acts as a fulcrum against which the Aneros Stimulator pivots, massaging the prostate for incredible sensations. Completely hands free, the Aneros can be used in any position the man chooses. Made using body safe, phthalate free materials: All Syn Tridents are made from nylon and are overcoated with Silicone. $5 of every purchase is donated to Zero the end of prostate cancer. Categories: Anal Toys, Prostate Massagers, P-Spot Stimulators, Prostate Massagers, Sex Toys for Men. Aneros – Restricted, Amazon Restricted. No longer available. 2023.

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