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Xmas Top 10 Gifts for Her and Him in 2020 Pandemic

            So, you want to surprise your significant other with some sexy gift this charismas? The truth of the matter is; the pandemic has taken a toll on most of us. All we have done this year is try to survive, and it looks like both of you have made it. So, why not celebrate this charismas season with your partner in style? We have a collection of erotic Gifts for Her and Him which we are you’re your other half will love.

Sexy Gifts for Her

           Let her finish the year with a thrilling experience. 2020 has worked up most people. The lockdowns have been unbearable, and the masks almost suffocated some of us to death. The least you can give your partner is something positive to remember about this tough year. And there is no better way to do it except making her feel like a woman.

Eden 12” Cock

            This realistic dildo is the perfect gift if she is into monster stuff. The toy is soft, yet hard enough to hit every corridor within her honeypot. Its huge girth means you can grip it well. Additionally, its surface is bumpy and excellent for riding and grinding against. There is no way she will escape a mind-blowing orgasm with this toy. The best part of it all is that this product is discounted and comes with no package.


Eden Crazy Thick 12″ >> Buy It <<



Skulls and Bones Blindfold

          Women love surprises, especially sexy surprises. Surprise her with this black spiked blindfold and see her reaction. She knows what gifting her this particular product means. Rub against her nipples randomly to confirm this. The blindfold means she doesn’t know the next spot your tongue lands on her skin.

Skull & Bones Blindfold >> Buy It <<

        Torture her with your mouth until she reaches for your cock. The blindfold is the perfect gift for her this Christmas because it is expertly designed for its purpose. Made of leather and metal, this seductive blindfold will help her wind her year in style.

Nipple Clamp

          The most sensitive area in her upper body, her nipples deserves some good clamping. Made of stainless steel, this pair of clamps is the ultimate Xmas gift to help her forget the stress caused by the pandemic. The clamp is adjustable so you can vary the tension and give her maximum pleasure.


Stainless Steel Nipple Clamps >> Buy It <<



Erotic Book: ‘Vibrators Overview’

            Movies are overrated. Spoil her with the most erotic books this year that will make her go wild. I believe everyone can read an erotic book. At least everyone else finds it engaging because sex doesn’t have haters. The ‘Vibrator Overview’ title highlights the materials most used in adult entertainment, specifically toys and vibrators. By the time she is done reading this guide, she will be head over heels with your cock. She will crave your touch, and she will cling to your shirt, begging you to get her one of those vibrators. There is no better way to get over the ‘pandemic blues.’



A Butt Plug

            So, she is obsessed with anal toys? This expandable butt plug may be all she needs once she walks into her bedroom and takes off that mask. Going for less than $20, this toy will take her to the moon in minutes. The plug has been designed to expand her anal pleasures to the limits.

Colt Expandable Butt Plug >> Buy It <<

           It is 5” and is well lubricated to prevent you from getting some nasty injuries given the girth. Chances are that she’ll never forget this little Xmas gift. Didn’t they say that they never forget what you made them feel?

Xmas Gifts for Him

            Men are quite sophisticated in their simplicity. It’s easier to please a man than a woman, that is a known fact. But that should not make you mean about it. Find him the perfect Xmas gift to make him forget the challenges of the year. We have prepared a few gifts we think befits a man who has not been afraid to share a bed with you despite the Covid threat.

Sista Sex Doll

            This sexy afro doll could all your man needs to get over the Covid blues. Also perfect as a Christmas gift, the toy has three sex passages to spoil him for options. There is no better way to experience breathtaking pleasure than pressing their torso against this doll. The meaty, heavy breasts and firm nipples are a sight to behold, and that’s before you get to caress them. The toy is not toxic and is very clean too.


Lacey Sexy Sista Doll >> Buy It <<


Toy Pussy: Bald

            Men love pussy, you cannot argue against that. Getting your man, a toy pussy does not make you any less of an ideal partner. On the contrary, you’re a very supportive partner who wants to see their man happy sexually even if you are not the reason. Besides, you can’t get jealous of him fucking some fake pussy. Give him a variety to choose from; a bald and hairy one.

Penthouse Pet Collection Alexis >> Buy It <<

           Our collection of Doone Pussies has an ass molded at the right place in case you want to switch gears and anal. The toys are unique in that they give a full sexual experience as far as the physical aspects are concerned. The toy comes with a bullet vibrator made of plastic to further enhance the sex. Most importantly, it is non-toxic, so you don’t have to worry about getting condoms too.

Honcho Head Super Masturbator

            This stretchy masturbator is arguably the best Xmas gift for any man. Don’t deny them the pleasure of emptying their sperm ducts with a long, tight, and well-lubricated toy. The masturbator comes with suction champers and a ribbed head to give you the kind of grip that will awaken all your nerves. Like all the other sex toys in our collection, this particular one is non-toxic too. The toy’s elasticity means it can accommodate any size of penis comfortably.




Massage Glove

           Who said men don’t want to be massaged? Get this pink left hand vibrating massager at an incredibly low rate to massage him with. He may have worked hard all year to take you to those fancy dates. He must have bent his back on several occasions to make you happy. You may never repay all that but you could give him a massage to remember. Each of this glove’s fingers generates up to 9000 therapeutics in under one minute. Additionally, it is waterproof so you can massage him with warm water.


FUKUOKU Massage Glove >> Buy It <<


Hand Cuffs

           You may have gotten in trouble with the authorities a couple of times this year, so these cuffs don’t bring good memories. But think of it this way, how does some pleasurable bondage feel for him at the comfort of your bedroom? Sensational, right? Get it as a gift for Xmas and notice the look on his face once he snaps the box open.

Beginner’s HandCuffs Furry >> Buy It <<

Final Word

             Simple pleasures like fulfilling sex are your best bet to deal with the hardships that have been brought about by the pandemic. This Christmas is the first we are celebrating amid a major health crisis in a century. Make it count, for you and your partner. Covid-19 has taught us to appreciate the people we love while they are still around. Sometimes you might not even be at their bedside when they’re about to take the final bow. Scroll through our toy sections and find the perfect sexy gift to surprise them with this Christmas.

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