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15 New Arrival Sex Toys You Need to Know in 2021

           2021 is yet again to be a unique year because we have entered it right during a pandemic. The crisis means many things this year, one of which being that most people will be under strict lockdowns. That is because the virus is getting deadlier and every subsequent wave is […]

6 Weird Sex Toys You Never Knew Existed

              If you are new in the world of sex toys, your knowledge may be limited to familiar toys like dildos, butt plugs, vibrators, among others. There are even more adventurous, bizarre, and more Weird Sex Toys for you, to your surprise. It does not matter your extremes, and […]

10 Intimate sex positions to try out this Valentine’s Day 2021

            The day for sex is finally here, and everybody is rushing to get themselves a partner, or a sex partner, to be precise. It will be a day of many firsts for some. Someone will be losing their virginity that day, and someone will be getting laid by their […]

Massive Anal toys for Men in 2021

               Anal sex is no longer a taboo subject, and we can now talk about it all day long, every day. Men and women alike welcome anal sex as a delightful addition to their sexual repertoire. Anal sex may seem intimidating at first. But once you experience it, there […]

5 Toys to Hit the G-Spot Faster

             Women have long set certain standards for men when it comes to hitting the G-Spot. Consequently, men have been going to every length to protect their image. Not one of them wants to be considered a failure who doesn’t hit the G-Spot. Sadly, this little spot has been overly […]

How Adults Spend Their Checks During the Winter Shopping Holidays

           The holiday season has come early and everyone is rushing to grab themselves an item or two. However, this holiday season is going to be unique because people will spend more money online. We all know the reason behind that; the Covid menace which is right at our necks. Some […]

Xmas Top 10 Gifts for Her and Him in 2020 Pandemic

            So, you want to surprise your significant other with some sexy gift this charismas? The truth of the matter is; the pandemic has taken a toll on most of us. All we have done this year is try to survive, and it looks like both of you have made […]

Trendy Adult Toys to buy this Winter 2021

            If you are looking for some of the most trendy adult toys in vogue at the moment, we suggest you check out the following list we complied for you. We tried to include a wide variety of adult toys which will keep you and your partner well entertained during […]

Top 3 Best Anal Sex Positions for her Pleasure

                Anal sex is quite arousing- not just for the very first time, but for all time pleasure. The first time is certainly a memorable experience for both the partners due to the fact that it’s new. The anus is full of tight sensitive nerve endings that feel […]

Top 3 Best Male Pumps under 25 Age

        Nowadays, most men are taking penis enhancement pretty seriously. This is because they are beginning to realize that it is possible to grow bigger penis without implications and complications. It has always been men desire to own large penis. This increases men confidence in the bedroom, and give their woman orgasms […] slot thailand slot gacor