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10 Intimate sex positions to try out this Valentine’s Day 2021

            The day for sex is finally here, and everybody is rushing to get themselves a partner, or a sex partner, to be precise. It will be a day of many firsts for some. Someone will be losing their virginity that day, and someone will be getting laid by their new partner for the first time. Similarly, many couples will be celebrating their first Valentine’s ever together, amid the pandemic. How unfortunate! Luckily for you, we are about to show you mind-blowing sex positions to treat your partner with during this sextive season. You can try these sex positions with your partner using your God-given tools or visit our site for various quality sex toys.

Intimate Positions for Both of You

           Sex is teamwork. Each of you wants to feel satisfied in the end, and it won’t be possible without your partner’s effort. These sex positions will make sure both of you come out happy.

 1. Magic Mountain

          Magic Mountain is a creative and highly simulating sex position that will simultaneously see both of you reach the climax. The man sits on the bed or floor with his knees; he then leans back and supports himself with his hands. The woman does the same, facing him. They inch towards each other until their bodies come into contact, with the man’s legs going under the woman’s. The man slides his erect penis into the woman’s vagina to full length. She then grinds as she controls the depth. Keep going for as long as you can until she squirts and shake like a leaf in the storm.

 2. Missionary

           It is probably the easiest and well-known sex position out there. There is nothing much to explain here. All that is needed is for the woman to lay down facing up, and the man comes on top. Many people love missionary because it is quite comfortable, without mentioning versatility and utmost intimacy. The position provides both parties with enough face-to-face time, further enhancing intimacy.

 3. Spooning

           You and your partner lay down facing the same direction. The man lifts himself to the woman’s pelvic as she raises her knees slightly to give him a better angle. He then slides in from behind and holds onto her hips for support. The woman could grab the sheets or the edge of the bed to steady herself as the man strokes her from behind. The woman could occasionally grind against him by moving her ass in a circular motion.

 4. Stand-and-Deliver

         This position requires the woman to bend over at the waist with her legs together. She should not support herself with anything. The man enters from behind and grabs the woman’s hands, pulling them to the back to steady her. He can also hold her hands at her sides as he treats her to powerful thrusts.

Positions for Her that Will Facilitate an Orgasm

These are positions that are designed to hit the G-Spot and facilitate orgasm.

 5. G-Whiz

          Few people know about this exciting sex position. Here, the woman lays on her back with her legs spread slightly. The man comes between her legs in a kneeling position.  Raises her legs to his shoulders, and slide in from below. The penis rises and touches the G-Spot as its full length slides into the vagina and remains there. The G-spot is within range at that position, and only small strokes are required to reach it. Additionally, the G-Whiz prevents deep penetration and ensures the penis remains near the G-spot.

 6. Flatiron

           The woman lays facedown, keeping her legs together and raising her hips slightly to give him a right angle. He comes over her and slides in from behind, giving her slow strokes. Pick the pace and rub against her in a circular motion. This position makes it possible for the penis to reach the G-spot without allowing for deep penetration.

 7. Champagne Room

          The Champagne Room sex position is incredibly comfortable and makes the G-spot easily accessible. The man sits on the edge of the bed or chair with his legs together. She sits on his lap facing away and slowly let the penis slide into a comfortable length. The woman then supports herself with the man’s knees and grinds up against him for as long as she can.

Pleasurable Positions for Him with Less Discomfort

          Men find it easier to enjoy sex because they are mainly in control. The only problem is when there is discomfort due to the penis entering at the wrong angle. These positions will ensure he is comfortable and enjoying every bit of the sex.

 8. Doggy Style

           Doggy is a sex position that is loved by men and women alike. However, men seem to enjoy sex in this position because it keeps them totally in control. Additionally, the sex position is very comfortable and thrilling. Men love deep penetration, and that is what doggy style will provide. Make it more exciting for him by circularly moving your hips and grinding against his pelvis for even deeper penetration. You can also rub your clitoris with your free hand.

 9. Cowboy

           Have you heard of a sex position called ‘cowgirl?’ Cowboy is not very different. It involves the woman laying on her back, her legs raised slightly, while the man straddles her. The man then slides in from an up angle. The narrowed opening provides enough grip, thus giving him sufficient stimulation. Grind down on him as you rub your breasts or guide his hands to them.

 10. The Snake

         The snake is a modification of Doggy where the woman lies down on her stomach without disengaging. The man then pins her down and strokes from behind as she raises her buttocks to facilitate enough penetration. Grind against his pelvis by moving your ass up and down or sideways.

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             Now that you have learned individual sex positions let us now look at what you should do to prepare you for a memorable sexual experience. You can’t be jumping on top of each other like two horses on heat before laying the ground for intimate sex. Remember, the day is dedicated to quality sex among lovers and one-night stands alike. We will not be entertaining any quickies this Valentine’s unless you’re going to have it in your hideout, of course. The reason is simple; last year has not been kind to many of us. We can’t say much about this year in that regard, but we hope that things will get better. The pandemic has treated everyone brutally in some way, and everyone wants to feel loved. So, we will not be in a hurry to do sex. Here are some preliminaries for you before you get down to the main thing.

Sensual Massage

          Also known as erotic massage, this kind of massage has its origins in the Asia continent. Sensual massage is an excellent way of arousing each other by rubbing your naked bodies. If the friction becomes too much, you can use a lubricant, but that should not make the rubbing rough. Ensure it is gentle and soft even when using lubricating oil. The masseur and the receiver can alternate those roles. Erotic massage has been used for a long to stimulate libido and create intimacy between sexual partners. There is no other better way to appreciate your partner during this Valentine’s than to treat them with an epic erotic massage. Sensual massage has these additional benefits, in addition to arousal.

  • It improves erections. An erection will last longer if the partners start to have an erotic massage before penetrative sex.
  • It is suitable for your joints and muscles. There is a lot of muscle and joint movement during sex; thus, healthy joints and muscles will enable you to have good sex.
  • It helps eliminate any form of inhibition. Inhibitions are major distractors during sex. The earlier you get rid of them, the better sex you will have.


          Communication before, during, and after sex is an essential tool for enhancing intimacy and improving your relationship. Even if you’re not actively dating your sex partner, communicating before sex is excellent for setting the mood. It involves telling your partner what you like or don’t like, including your most sensitive spots. Similarly, talk to them about your worries. All communication must be with a sexy tone that will arouse them further. Take their hand and guide them to the most sensitive spots on your body. The same should happen during sex. Whisper things to their ear and accompany your words with actions.

Kiss Passionately

              Kissing is a magical thing that has been used to introduce sex  for centuries. Sex is not sex without kissing, and wild kissing for that matter. Fill your partner’s body with goosebumps by kissing every inch of skin you lay your eyes on. Kissing does not only spread the ground for powerful sex, but it will also clear the tension between the two of you. If you are having sex with a random person during this Valentine’s, kissing is your best weapon for breaking the ice and overcome anxiety. While at it, ensure you’re not rough. However, you’re allowed to be aggressive as a way of expressing your desire for each other.

Things Not to Do

            Ensure your reputation is intact after this year’s Valentine’s by not doing the following

Wearing Something Funny

         If we’re going to have sex and the first thing I see is some ill-fitting, buggy underwear with a funny color, my appetite will evaporate instantly. Always wear to impress, because the first impression will always make or break it.

Having High Expectations

             Strive to only enjoy the moment by not expecting too much from the other person, especially if it is first-time sex. See, when your expectations are too high, you will only get disappointed if things don’t work out as expected. Most importantly, don’t try setting standards for the other person because it will only put them under pressure. In any case, keep your expectations as low as possible, and it will be a great honor if you get more. Remember that the other person has some expectations, and they will be disappointed when you give less. Besides, sex is mutual, and everyone wants something out of it. The least you can do is appreciate whatever you get and then decide whether there is a next time or not. That doesn’t mean we’re advocating for mediocrity, though.

In Summary

              In conclusion, let this Valentine’s create memories for you by ensuring your partner is also satisfied even as you pursue your satisfaction. Sex is deeply embedded in our human nature, and nobody should teach you how to do it. However, sex can become boring if you keep doing it the same way. Enjoy this year’s Valentin’s sex by adopting new sex positions and improvising. Happy Valentine’s!

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