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15 New Arrival Sex Toys You Need to Know in 2021

           2021 is yet again to be a unique year because we have entered it right during a pandemic. The crisis means many things this year, one of which being that most people will be under strict lockdowns. That is because the virus is getting deadlier and every subsequent wave is felling more people than the previous one. additionally, the majority of the workforce will be expected to work from home to limit the spread of the virus. All these containment measures mean people will bear the brunt of being caged like animals, month after month.  Many of them will develop stress and resort to unfamiliar ways of trying to remain normal. New Arrival Sex Toys are coming.

The Role of Sex Toys During the Lockdown

           Any normal human being will agree that sex is the best therapy to relieve stress like the one people are experiencing during this pandemic. However, sex becomes boring if it is not accompanied by creativity. The introduction of sex toys in the bedroom is in itself creativity on another level. But sex toys come in different and unique styles by the day. manufactures are always adding new features to sex toys to help users get the most out of them.

Best New Arrival Sex Toys of 2021

         2021 being a year of many firsts, the sex toys department has been well represented with a range of stylish sex toys. We have compiled a list of new arrival sex toys you should look out for this year.

 1. Le Wand Petite 

           This toy is not only attractive but it also guarantees the user maximum pleasure. It is long enough to reach just the right spot without causing discomfort. Although it appears smaller than your average toy, it has an overwhelming 10 different levels of pleasure. Whether you want it for the vagina or the anus, Le Wand petite might just be all you need to help you get through the pandemic.

>> Le Wand Petite <<

        Additionally, it is cheaply available in your favorite sex toy shop. Alternatively, you can order it online and it will be delivered to your doorstep in no time.

 2. Lovelife Finger Vibrators

        Some people shy away from buying and using vibrators because of the buzzing sound most of the products come with. Lovelife finger vibrators have been designed to limit the amount of noise to a minimum. These stylish vibrators also come with unique features such as a graspable handle to make them comfortable to use.

>> Lovelife Finger Vibrators <<

       Additionally, the product is the perfect choice for individuals with dexterity issues. Lastly, the vibrator’s manufacturer has noted that it can be used for virtually any sexual activity, be it stroking, as a packer, sucking, and more.

 3. Blue Womanizer Premium

             This toy got its name from its incredible ability to satisfy you as several men would. Blue womanizer premium offers you the ultimate oral sex, thanks to its wide girth and curvature. Most importantly, the toy is ergonomically designed to fit perfectly in your palm or vagina. Its most prominent feature is a nozzle on one end which gives extra stimulation due to a sucking effect.

>> Blue Womanizer Premium <<

          You can enhance the experience by using the toy with lube or applying large amounts of saliva. This new arrival toy is readily available at your nearest shop, but you can order it online as well.

 4. Digital Remote-Controlled Vibrators

           It took us this long to finally come up with sex toys that can be controlled remotely. This remote-controlled vibrator is quite versatile in that it can be used for clitoris suction, vagina stroking, as well as anal sec. Most importantly, it can be used in virtually any sex position, that is not to mention solo sex. If you’re looking to have a virtual date with your partner, all you need to do is install the vibrator’s app and get things rolling.

>> Digital Remote-Controlled Vibrators <<


5. Jack 2-in1 Silicone Stroker

           Toys that come in two are very rare, but when finally land one, be prepared for an out-of-this-world experience. New York’s 2-in-1 Silicone stroker is one such toy and will guarantee you pleasure from every angle. Not only is this toy a stroker but it is also a great packer that mimics a biological penis in every aspect. Whether you’re looking for a deep or external stimulator, this toy will satisfy all your sexual needs.

>> Jack 2-in1 Silicone Stroker <<

             Most importantly, the Jack 2-in-1 silicone stimulator is a great stimulator for men and women alike.


 6. Le Wand Pleasure Set

          The Le Wand brand is very determined to make the lockdown a little more comfortable for you. Another masterpiece by this brand, the pleasure set comes with six pieces of sex toys, each with a different purpose. The most prominent of these features is a point and bullet external vive vave. This toy is a palm-shaped vibrator made of stainless steel which is safe to use.

>> Le Wand Pleasure Set <<


7. Lewand Rechargeable Vibrator

         The magical Lewand rechargeable vibrator is a new-arrival toy that will take your breath away, literally. The toy has been widely recommended by sexologists due to its accuracy and precision when it comes to genital stimulation. Additionally, the toy is made of a safe material that won’t cause any itching. It comes with a rechargeable battery that can last for up to three hours, which means nearly 180 minutes of intense pleasure.

>> Lewand Rechargeable Vibrator <<



 8. Biird Obii Pokemon Toy

          Shaped like the legendary pokemon, Biird Obii is the ultimate clit suction toy that takes pleasure to another level. It is nearly round with a nozzle at the top. Most importantly, the toy is made with safe silicone material so you won’t have to worry about a nasty itch after use. Biird Obii comes in different cute colors and is available on top sex toy shops online.

>> Biird Obii Pokemon Toy <<



 9. Octopus Pulse Stimulator

         Most sex toys need to be warmed before using them and that means wasting time meant with pleasure. The octopus pulse stimulator is unique in that it is hot and will drive you crazy if it comes into contact with your flesh. The toy is designed to give external and external stimulation to both partners, thanks to a pulsating platelet embedded in it.

>> Octopus Pulse Stimulator <<



 10. Zumio X Clitoris Stimulator

        If you’re looking for a toy that explores every inch of your clitoris, look no more. Zumio X is recommended by sex educators for maximum stimulation in targeted areas. Its slender shape makes it easy to move around external regions of the vagina. Most importantly, it is a great tool to find sensitive spots on your partner, more so during penetrative sex.

>> Zumio X Clitoris Stimulator <<

 11. We-vibe G-Spot Vibrator

         As the name suggests, this new arrival toy is a great G-spot vibrator every woman should have. Women can achieve orgasms in different ways, but finding a way to achieve yours is no easy task. This particular toy comes with a vibrating arm that is designed to stimulate the G-spot rather than the vagina. So, if you’re the type that orgasms through G-spot stimulation, this is the toy for you.

>> We-vibe G-Spot Vibrator <<


 12. The Cowgirl Vibrator

            This vibrator is the biggest and noisiest toy on our list. However, don’t be misled to think that it will give any less pleasure. If you’re looking for some intense stimulation that will blow your mind, then this is all you need. All you need to do is mount it using a variety of attachments and let the monster give you a ride to your heaven.

>> The Cowgirl Vibrator <<



 13. NJoy Butt Plug – New Arrival Sex Toys

            Njoy is designed to give you the ultimate prostate stimulation this new year. The toy boasts of being the cutest you can find in the world of sex toys. Its most striking feature is a non-porous material made of tough but smooth stainless steel. For a better experience keep the plug in the freezer for about one hour before you start using it.

>> NJoy Butt Plug <<



 14. Silicone Rabbit Vibrator

         Although this legendary toy may be a familiar sight, several modifications have been made to it to further enhance its user experience. The toy’s most important feature is a small vibrating arm designed to hit the G-spot with great accuracy and precision. Most importantly, the rabbit vibrator moves with intense speed when pleasuring you, thus the name.

>> Silicone Rabbit Vibrator <<



 15. Tenga Egg Vibrator

          Last on our list is this egg-shaped vibrator that performs many sexual roles in a great way. Most importantly, it is the ultimate stuffer if you’re into stocking stuffing. You can always dispose of the toy once you feel that it has outlived its usefulness.

>> Tenga Egg Vibrator <<





          New Arrival Sex Toys keep evolving and every new design comes with unique features with varying levels of pleasure. However, the best toys are those that serve your sexual needs as an individual. Knowing your body is crucial when it comes to sex toys. Only go for a toy that guarantees you maximum pleasure. Most importantly, safety should always come first because some bizarre toys might give you the opposite of pleasure. Surprisingly, such toys have been mad because there are people who use them. Let’s just say that everyone has their cup of tea. It’s up to you to choose yours and get it rolling.

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