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6 Weird Sex Toys You Never Knew Existed

              If you are new in the world of sex toys, your knowledge may be limited to familiar toys like dildos, butt plugs, vibrators, among others. There are even more adventurous, bizarre, and more Weird Sex Toys for you, to your surprise. It does not matter your extremes, and there is always stuff that will catch your attention. Get over the fact that these toys may seem odd initially; they can go far beyond the standard sexual experience. In case you have a partner with whom you wish to try new things or are itchy, and you will like to scratch yourself or are perfect in bed, wherever you want to use them.

             If you are a diehard enthusiast or just someone looking to add more flavor to your love life, the good news is that there is a world out there full of exciting and weird sex toys for you. Nobody knows whether an exciting toy is a thing you need to dive deeper into more exciting new sexual possibilities. or you may decide that Weird Sex Toys are not meant for you; that is generally ok. Different bodies are compatible with different types of sex toys.

Why Do People Like Sex Toys? Bizarre Ones!

             People out there have many reasons why they want to use sex toys. Some consider it the easiest way to have an orgasm and are most familiar with the female counterparts. Sometimes people opt for toys to help them masturbate to release the endorphins, which has a calming effect that helps you manage stress and pain. For transgender and gender-nonconforming individuals, some sex toys help them verify their real gender identity and help get over gender dysphoria. Some sex toys can also help treat certain disorders like genital arousal disorder.

Sexual Disorders

            Additionally, it is the perfect solution to orgasm disorder, erectile disfunctioning, and hypoactive sexual disorder. Some people find that Weird Sex Toys are useful in dealing with some medication side effects, menopause, or the low sex sensation drive. It is always good to use sex toys specifically design for sex, especially when it involves inserting them into your body. Some toys like the DIY may not be safe if they have loose, sharp, or rough parts or are made from materials that can easily irritate.

            However much the topics of erotic toys might seem taboo in some parts of the world, Americans spend almost $15billion on sex toys annually. If you are not courageous enough to step into a sex shop, then the internet is the wonderland of all kinds of sex toys.  The advantage attached to it is that you can browse all the types of toys you would wish to use without running into people you know.

              Whether to use these toys or not is purely up to you. However, please note that it is normal to use them, although it is also abnormal according to some people. With the golden chance of exploring sex toys, step outside into the world and get yourself the best. Check out these toys that will inspire your next erotic adventure.

Egg – Masturbate Weirdo

           Using the Tenga easy beat egg masturbator, you can take a whole pack of masturbation tools with you in a comfortable egg crate. Each egg comes with a unique interior texture that will give you a different experience every time you use them, like clicky, twister, wavy, and silky.

>> Egg – Masturbate Weirdo <<

            Regardless of the size of your balls, the egg masturbator is made up of stretchable elastomer material to give you a snug fit. You don’t need to worry much about getting a lubricator as the eggs come with their lubrication and their disposal is very easy once you finish using the toy.

Area 51 Love Doll

              Do you remember us wanting to Area 51? Some of us actually wanted to retrieve this sex doll. If your love for science fiction exceeds watching reruns of star trek, then this doll will satisfy all your strange cravings. The highly classified area 51 love doll comes with some free aliens to sweeten the game and some three out of this world hole of the many sex dolls, and this three-breasted alien doll is the perfect suit for you if you fantasize about having sex with an alien. For a pretty sexual experience, the multiple breasts are the blue skin, and the suction cup fingers make a great deal for you. You can comfortably use them in the washroom or the car.

Rubber Duck Vibrator

             You might be worried about what will happen if your kids find it and start playing with it. As long as your vibrator is kept in a safer place, the rubber duck vibrator is with no doubt discreet.  We characterize it with unique features, including its quiet motor, three-speed, and its easy way to be grasped.

>> Rubber Duck Vibrator <<

        The rubber duck vibrator is a personal massager that is used in the bathing pool or extra spa fun with a multispeed vibration. Vibratos improve virginal lubrication and keep the tissue flexible, and also enhances blood circulation

Horse Tail Butt Plug

            Horse Tail Butt Plug is a unique, inspired steel plug topped with a horse tail just for you if the regular butt plug is not enough. The horsetail butt plug is made so that it’s spade-shaped, and the tapered tip makes it easier to insert into your butt, which you can wear for long. Sterilizing the butt plug – a metal makes this a perfect anal toy.

>> Horse Tail Butt Plug <<

          However, the butt plugs don’t just come with the horseless style; any animal-based plug of your choice is available. There are no shortages; among them is a pigtail butt plug that if you choose to use, you will find yourself completely carried away by the fantasies.

The Pleasure Periscope 

            I know you are shocked by this toy’s name, but that is what it sounds like. The pleasure periscope is a different kind of vibrator with a periscope light in-built and viewing windows. Essentially, someone, probably your partner, can watch everything going on inside your body through the periscope’s window. You will be able to see how your partner is being stimulated.  This erotic toy has inevitable motion sickness, and if you can withstand it, it proves to make sex a bit more colorful and exciting.

The Vladimir Putin Butt Plug

              I hope Putin won’t come for us because we used his name for this toy. But, please don’t assume that it’s our fault; we only came across it and couldn’t resist the urge to make it our number 6. Let us find out more about this toy. The Vladimir Putin butt plug is a Russian inspired butt plug. There is nothing ever cool that screams quiet sexy like stroking the president of Russia up your butt. It is a 3D printed Vladimir Putin butt plug built to criticize Putin’s anti-homosexuality laws established before the winter Olympics. I doubt if there was no better way than to make a president Putin butt plug. Using this strange sex toy will allow you fuck Putin more literally.


            If you are just curious to find out the weird sex toys in wonderworld. Just trying to make bedroom matters more attractive, then you have joined the right platform. A toy that stretches every muscle in You makes sex more wonderful and exciting. Many people now prefer the use of sex toys in action rather than fucking. What could be the secret behind this new trend? Well, we can’t think of anything else other than the versatility of sex toys. With a sex toy, you know which spots to hit and how. However, toys give you the freedom to explore your sexuality without limits.

            Besides giving you real pleasure, sex toys are also a great way to simulate you ready for the actual stocking. These could easily get damaged if you don’t prepare your vagina or butt for penetration sufficiently. According to sex toy experts, because some toys can be made from low-grade materials and plastics, they could negatively affect users. The plastics may contain things like Phthalates, PV, and BPA softeners, making them more flexible.   Most importantly, you should look for sex toys that won’t cause any reaction or discomfort. Tour today for more products and find yourself massive, elegant sex toys for a fantastic sex experience. Explore for even more weirdos at relatively affordable prices.

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