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Top 5 Best Seller sex toys in 2017

        Some people mistakenly believe that only sexually unsatisfied people use sex toys in their relationships but it’s not true. In fact, it is just the opposite. You need a certain amount of trust and intimacy to use sex toys with a partner and doing so can actually enhance your sexual experiences together and increase your intimacy. Using toys in your intimate relationship can bring out different aspects of your own and your partner's sexuality; the fun, fantasy, playful side, the lusty intense side, or the explorative tender aspects.

         With the increasing demand for sex, the need for these phenomenal sex devices is also rising steadily. Couples all around the world are now well informed about the benefits and importance of using sex aids to sensitize their sexual pleasure, but are unsure of which toys to buy. This is the prime reason why they are always looking out for the best sex toys online and in the market. What they fail to understand is that there is no such thing as a universal toys. Some toys appeal to certain couples while the others do not.

        The primary attribute that best products always possess is good quality. Since all kinds of adult toys have to be used in close and continuous contact with the human body, it is essential that the materials used in manufacturing them should be of superior quality. Also, they must be easy to use. No matter how fancy and effective the toy is at making your sex life electrifying, unless it is easy to use, it will serve very little purpose. Hence, one must choose a toy which is simple and yet high on utility value.

      In this article, we will list the top 5 best seller sex toys in the year 2017 when talking of quality, simplicity, efficiency, durability and affordability. Below are the Top 5 Best Seller sex toys in 2017

         This is a class of vibrators. The Rabbit Habit Fuchsia comes with tumbling pearls and dual motors, designed as a cordless version of the Rabbit. This lovely purple vinyl dual-action vibrator has tumbling pearls and a rabbit-shaped stimulator. The vibrations are controlled from the base instead of a separate battery pack. The Rabbit Habit is the most famous! There is a shaft to penetrate the vibrating pearls that stimulate the opening of the vagina and two ears that tickle the clitoris.

      All American Whoppers 6.5" Dong is a super flexible DILDO. The Real Skin All American Whoppers 6.5 inch super flexible dong with balls feels so good you will think it’s real! With an incredible suction cup base for hands-free pleasure and satisfaction. Experience your All American Whopper tonight. Whopper Dildo stands 7 inches with an insertable length of 5.5 inches. A water based lubricant is recommended for flexible pigmented realistic flesh erection which is perfect for anal or vaginal satisfaction.

     My 1st Virgin Pussy and Ass is a variation of Fuck me silly toy with Variable Speed and succulent holes, its vibrating Bullet is better than real Skin Masturbator comes with a variable speed vibrating bullet. Dual entry in anal and vagina. This Vibrating sex toy requires 2 AA batteries

      The soft spherical head of this magic wand gives a soothing massage operated by a two speed switch located on the Wand's slender handle. Unlike cordless style massagers, the Magic Wand's strong electric motor is powered using a standard cord/plug providing a constant power source for those extended massage sessions.

    The Velvet Kiss Collection the Ultimate in Pleasure. Velvet Kiss We Personal Massage is Soft, sensual and incredibly strong with Variable speed. Soft as a velvet glove. Strong as a lover's kiss. Velvet Kiss We Scream Massager Black. Classic vibrator features: variable speed waterproof vibrations phthalates free.

      Sex toys can be fun when added to your sexual play and can really bring passion back to a relationship as long as you are using one of the best and tested sex toys. To order for any of the above mentioned toys online, visit http://moystoys.com. We have a wide variation of quality sex toys in our collection.

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